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Jill Teaching

Prices are for people who own T-Tapp instructional
1, MORE workout, or Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
by Teresa Tapp

T-Tapp workouts and book can be ordered here
or directly from Jill at a discount.”

Private Training Session
Private Sessions are 1 hour

Single Private One-on-one Session - $50
Discounts are available for private session packages

Semi-Private Training Session
2 People - $35 each
3 People - $25 each
4 People - $20 each

Group classes - $15/pp for 1 hour

Contact Jill for class schedule


Any T-Tapp clinics and workshops offered
in the Central PA area
will be listed on the T-Tapp website

T-Tapp Clinic Events

Prices quoted are for sessions at my location.
Additional charges apply for travel to other
locations. Please contact Jill for details.


Do you want attend a personal training session
or class but you are not local to Harrisburg? 

No T-Tapp trainer in your neck of the woods?  No problem!

Jill now offers “virtual” web-based training and coaching via webcam, DVD or VHS in the privacy of your own home! You can use your webcam or record your workout (front and side views) and send it to Jill for clear feedback and form tips to enhance your form and bring your workout to a new level! 

Pricing for virtual training:

Total Workout - $90
Basic Workout Plus - $40
Hit the Floor - $50

30 Minutes - $45

1 Hour - $50



Come discover "Yes You Can" with T-Tapp
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